About Lotzi’s Land

Lozti and the other characters,  their stories and the artwork are original work by Nick Stevenson.

This is a blog of cartoon stories about the adventures of Lotzi and other characters in Lotzi’s land.

“Watching the River Flow”  was the first story and introduced the chararcters Lotzi, Birdy and Albarn. As the stories progress from this first story new characters are introduced into Lotzi’s land. Some characters reappear in later stories:

“A New Friend” introduces Yorg the yeti ; “The Mutter Birds” introduces characters from the court of the Black & White kings, court jester, Blob, Robot Herald, the king’s guard ; “Crossroads” introduces Peerie Devil ; “Robot Holiday” introduces the Black & White kings, ; Ma Baker ; Professor Numeric ; “Pa Lotzi” introduces Grannie Smith ; “Going Underground” introduces Professor Potboiler ; Cerri ; Plato the Porlock ; ” The Additional Adventures of Professor Numeric” introduces Miss Prim ; the three princelings ; Professor Kuhl.

The other stories: Lotzi Gets a Vote  ; Birdy Back Story  ; Black and White, are stand-alone stories.

Two posts are single page cartoons: Winter Again ; Up and Down .

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3 thoughts on “About Lotzi’s Land”

  1. Well, obviously these are all very weird, but sometimes it’s good when things are weird. Sometimes you don’t want a story that makes sense. Dreams, and half-dreamt magical thoughts, don’t make sense, and yet they are a delight to experience anyway. The regular everyday world makes sense, and if you want escapist fantasy, you can’t escape further than by escaping into a world of friendly, harmless, inexplicable madness. So thank you for creating this, and thank you for putting an advert in Viz comic for it so that I could discover it.


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